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Details Rethinking-Leadership-New-Horizons-in-Leadership

A must-read for serious leadership studies scholars, Rethinking Leadership offers a radical reconceptualisation of leadership as a contextually embedded, physically embodied phenomenon. The book arrives at original and surprising answers to perennial ...

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Details Reinventing-Leadership-Making-the-Connection-Between-Politics-and-Business-Suny-Series-Leadership-Studies-Suny-Series-in-Leadership-Studies

Reinventing Leadership In a striking departure from past practices, Barbara Kellerman explores the fact that although we persist in viewing political and business leadership separately, the similarities between them far outweigh the differences ...

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Details Effective-Leadership-for-School-Improvement-School-Leadership-Series

Effective Leadership for School Improvement The authors bring together the key issues currently being debated in the educational leadership and management arena. The book has been designed to function as a key text for those involved in leadership ...

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Details Distributed-Leadership-Different-Perspectives-Studies-in-Educational-Leadership-Band-7

Alma Harris The ?eld of school leadership is currently preoccupied with the idea of distributed leadership. Few ideas, it seems, have provoked as much attention, debate and c- troversy. Whatever your position on distributed leadership, and you cannot ...

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Details Leadership-and-Teams-in-Educational-Management-Leadership-and-Management-in-Education

Leadership and Teams in Educational Management This book takes readers through the different dimensions of leadership, and its relationship to good team work. Full description

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Details Leadership-Made-Easy-Empowering-Yourself-And-Your-Team-Essential-Guide-For-Leadership

"Leadership Made Easy: Empowering Yourself And Your Team" is the most informative resource you will find on leadership; specifically, leadership in the workplace. Upon reading this book you will learn how to successfully lead, manage and empower your ...

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Details Reflections-on-Leadership

In Reflections on Leadership fifteen prominent leadership scholars pay tribute to James MacGregor Burns's book, Leadership, a classic in the field of leadership studies. The contributors address the puzzles and anomalies in his work, such as: the ...

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Details Leadership-capacity-building-and-school-improvement-Leadership-for-Learning

Leadership, Capacity Building and School Improvement provides a fresh and original perspective on the most important issues confronting today's practitioners and academics in the field of educational leadership. New and exciting concepts are ...

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Details Sex-Leadership-and-RocknRoll-Leadership-lessons-from-the-Academy-of-Rock

Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll Offers a source of inspiration and provocation in areas such as: creativity, innovation, relationships, motivation, leadership, high performance, learning, and reinvention. This book examines the issues using the ...